First app for meeting Russians in USA
RUSingle is the first application for meeting and communicating with Russians in the US. Designed specifically toward younger generations, the interface is clean and bright with illustrations and minimal buttons. Clear and comfortable use was our goal with this project. The app allows you to customize search parameters, increasing the odds of finding and getting to know the right Russki!
Easy steps to create and edit your profile
Choose who you like, if the feeling is mutual,
start chatting!
Comfortable and quick searching system Search engine designed with you in mind Do you miss speaking in your native tongue? This is the perfect site to По-Русски. RUsingle not only helps you find friends, romance or business partners in your new home, but has a feature allowing you to narrow the search by your native city in Russia! This even lets you reconnect with relatives or forgotten friends, all while making new ones.


Sergey Gordienko
Sergey Gordienko
Igor Dolgov
Nika Kazakova
Polina Kratova
Ken Cummings